Logo and Brand Identity Design for Ella & Ollie's, Edisto Island, SC

Logo and brand identity graphic design for Edisto Island seafood restaurant Ella & Ollie’s.

Ella & Ollie’s

A southern seafood restaurant on Edisto Island, South Carolina, Ella & Ollie's offers an ever-changing menu based on season and availability.

Services: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Apparel

Ella & Ollie’s Logo and Fish Pattern
Ella & Ollie’s Logo Pattern
Ella & Ollie’s Shrimp Ampersand Logo
Ella & Ollie’s E & O Water Pattern
Ella & Ollie’s Seafood Restaurant Logo Illustrations
Ella & Ollie’s Fish Pattern
Ella & Ollie’s Logo Seal
Ella & Ollie’s Fresh Oysters and Shrimp Illustration
Ella & Ollie’s Shrimp Logo
Ella & Ollie’s Oysters and Shrimp Illustration Detail